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Hi Everyone,

This is just a quickie regarding an upgrade I did for the van a couple of months ago but never got round to sharing it so here we go.

Basically the sad truth is that although I am surrounded by some of the best HiFi in the world I listen to most of my music in the van, whether it is the hour a day I spend going back and forth to HiFi Lounge or when driving all over the country installing HiFi so when we got our new van I saw this as a great opportunity to take out the system that comes with the van and replace it with something more in keeping with the sound I am accustomed to, not easy in a van I know but the search began for someone who would understand what I was looking for.

It had been years since I was last into In Car Entertainment, in fact it used to be a real passion of mine that I quickly found out could empty your bank account out as quickly as home hifi 🙂 but after talking to a few people one of my customers, hello Bruce, recommended that I speak with Carl at Studio Incar, what a great bit of advice that was, as not only is Carl brilliant at his job he is also a real HiFi guy so he understood my needs exactly, so one Sunday morning I took the drive down to Fareham between Portsmouth and Southampton, in some of the worst conditions I have driven in, all in the name of good sounds 🙂 and left the van with Carl for a week whilst he worked his magic.

Needless to say the improvement was epic and was not silly money for the results, I wasn’t after thumping bass but I wanted more clarity and resolution and volume really, the head unit stayed but the speakers were changed with a dedicated amp and Subwoofer fitted under the seats to great effect, but in true HiFi upgradeitius I know that I need to pop back down to see Carl to change out the head unit as like we all know the Source is extremely important and apparently the Ford unit in the van is seriously limiting the quality of the sound output, here we go again, on the slippery slope again 🙂

Seriously though it was money well spent with Carl making the whole process very easy, he works in a very similar way to HiFi lounge, making the whole process very easy and enjoyable with great results at the end so if you are looking at getting better audio for your car or van give him a shout, you can find a link to his website below -


And a full write up on my Van upgrade below, really goes to show the lengths Studio InCar went to give me the sound I was after, it is certainly a lot more involved that installing a home HiFi, at least I don’t need to fabricate on site, thanks guys, top job, needless to say I’ll be back shortly 🙂 -




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Oh Paul 
You have got it bad my friend . 😂Caroline thought I was mad replacing the standard front speakers in my car for £60. 
" First pressings son "
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HiFi Lounge
Yeah I resisted for years but now I've got the bug again, damin it, I'll never have any money.
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Paul maverick
bought a C class Merc some years ago, hardly any mileage, was a nice autochanger in the boot (remember those?) but the head unit had been swapped for something cheap. Locals guys recommended some German replacement speakers and a better head unit, when they went to wire in they found a massive Rockford Fosgate amp tucked away and disconnected! It seems I was some kind of lucky chap according to them ðŸ˜Ž
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