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Hi Everyone,

I just can’t resist McIntosh so when they announced their new RS200 wireless system I was straight onto the UK Distributor to order for one for demo which should be with us in a couple of weeks.

It looks like McIntosh are looking to move on the wireless speaker market with the RS200 offering all kinds of connectivity and I would expect it to sound very good, especially with a sub hooked up to it, time will tell but for me personally I was sold on it as soon as I saw it, the reality is that I can see it being a great 2nd system for another room or being used as a high-end sound bar which can be used for music playback also.

Look forward to having a play with it shortly and if like me you’ve always fancied some McIntosh for home this is a great way to start so please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo.


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