First of all apologies to Mark for the delay in this review but better late than never .

 Well we will start with some background . Audio Detail is the culmination of 40 years of experience and knowledge from Mark Manwaring -White . Most known in the UK from his association with Ming-Da where his expertise has resulted in the company having a solid profile in the UK and Ming -DA using many of Mark designs in their range  . Now to be honest Mark could have just left things as they were but with some prompting and pushing from Greg Drygala another fierce exponent of Artisan Audio through his company G Point Audio Mark decided that to also be a true Artisan he better get his grey cells in gear and put all those years to good use and produce his own Statement products . With me so far readers . Good . 
  Right for some clarification i have been visiting Mark's Malvern Audio Research on and off for the last couple of years since I re-located to Malvern myself so I am familiar with the demo room and the fantastic speakers the Universum 3 Horns that reside in his room . They are stunning speakers I thought but after this recent visit Mark some how as elevated these to another level . Note to all audio fans is that Dealers tinker too and Mark I think is at peace with the performance of these now . 
 So what is Artisan ?. In essence it is  bespoke hand made products that in this instance are assembled here in good old Blighty . Mark has sourced components from all around the world and the UK  . This takes skill and a not inconsiderable amount of labour for each of the products he produces . So remember these are definitely not components assembled half way round the world and then a front plate stuck on when they arrive here. 
Lets cut to the chase them . The System .
Audio Detail 211 mono blocks 

dwgrDx4uRNaT0Gp3rKGqKA.jpg  1VOB7ZKTQjeW7kmA3admZQ.jpg 
Audio Detail DHT Pre-Amp V 1.0
 Audio Detail Nuvistor NV-08 Phono stage

Universum 3 Horn Speaker 
TT. Pre production model Planalogue One 
Arm Jelco 10"
Cart Audio Technica AT 33
Audio Detail Cabling ( Gold plated solid copper connectors with silver plated copper conductors )

 So let us start with aesthetics . These are well made products . They are solid pieces of kit . We listened nude but the cages are strong if you ever accidentally placed your hand on one the valves will be extremely safe underneath . I thought Mark had used Chrome but no this is polished metal and if you didn't ask you wouldn't know .  Next as with all Valves amps and  Valve phono stages there is the Frankenstein moment of ' Its alive " and a lot of audible electrical energy being produced . With these there is absolutely zip, nada they are extremely quiet . The excellent phono stage doing sterling work . With the volume turned up there is no audible hum . I am liking this before we even start playing any music . 
  The next step in the listening  process is how good your Hifi Dealer is at making coffee. A plus for Mark . Comfy leather sofa another tick and twenty minutes of industry gossip 😁 tick. 
So we start with the  Lo Moon album through Tidal while we settle in even though I can see Mark is chomping at the bit to play the Vinyl Box set David Gilmour live in Pompeii that I have brought with me . Which he will regret as after we finish he knows he has to order it . Haha . 
  What immediately strikes me straight off about the presentation is the organic feel about the way the music is portrayed . This is oh no  Danny means lush as in soft  even though it is but in good way as in it is very liquid like . There is earthy feel to it . This system has a bit of grit to match the swathes of music that start floating across the room to greet us . The bass is very much there and its feels threatening in such a good way . It strongly underpins the music but leaves so much space in the aural soundscape for the mids and trebles . 
 I'm so struck I immediately enquire about the prices and specs . So the 211 power amps are the base model . Yep you can upgrade them with expensive silver wiring , upgrade the valves if that's even possible as Mark is an oracle on this subject . Change the cage colour if you want and a plethora of front panels to choose from . If i remember correctly the 211' monos as a pair are £9000 ish and the DHT PRE about £7000 and the real bargain phono stage £2000. So for £18000 you get the whole shooting gallery of totally bespoke hand made Artisan products . As you can see I have provided links above to  each product so you can read up on them but the power amps are pushing out 20 watts of Pure un-adulterated Class A tubey goodness . Can you take them home with you now . No. Again Artisan . You would listen  then discuss your specification and any upgrades with Mark . if you want the pre -power combo then the lead waiting time is about 2 weeks while Mark makes them for you . 


  Ok lets get back to the listening experience . It is time for vinyl. Planalogue 1.0 is just a lovely stunning to look and listen to turntable . If it had some other manufacturers badges we would be looking at £6000 easy but this pre production model would cost £3000. As I mentioned for vinyl replay this system is amazingly quiet . The internals of both the power and pre being suspended and even after that there is an abundance of damping material being used . Even on the inside of the cages ! . It is Mark's statement Audio Detail system and boy has he gone the extra mile and gone to town covering all the bases .The needle drops and we can barely hear the outer groove . It does help that Gilmour albums all tend to be excellent pressings . Flat as the proverbial . Then it hits us the eerie sound of 5 AM starts to build and the talking stops and does so till the first side is finished . Before us is this aural landscape which feels huge but no holes . The speakers are set up perfectly . Everything had its own space . Rattle that Lock follows and it is the first opportunity to hear DG's voice . Ooh its the earthy low down tone to it . It has body and age . The rhythm is propelled along . The timing feels just right . There is no blur or overhang this is start stop stuff but nor abrupt or strident in any way and far from the soft presentation often levelled at valve based systems . Mark and myself feel we are four rows back and are flip flops are tapping away . The guitar in the middle section has just the right amount of distortion and a little bit of that lovely edginess . Its meant to be . The time seems to fly by which is disappointing  as I could have told Mark bugger off out and I'll lock up . I'm wishing I had brought more music . So at this point we finish and Mark makes another coffee . We flip to side two and then don't talk again . This system is seriously good . We have all said this when you stop analysing what's going on and just listen and enjoy the music you know it is a great system . The panning effects for the drum rolls feels like you are behind the kit . What scares me about this review is have i got enough superlatives . I hear the tills at the introduction of Money and we both sit up . This should be good . Oh and it is . The guitar solos like to two fencers who never make contact . Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is blurred . The Sax solo is meaty . Real bones . Whats great is that all the separate parts that can be easily heard if you want become a wall of cohesive sound .It grabs you and picks you up and says " Oi sunshine you are coming for a ride ". So it continues with track after track . The Divison Bell feel like we both go off into that trance you sometimes do when you are so into it the run out groove brings you back to consciousness. By the time Comfortably Numb finishes I need something stronger than a coffee. 
  A big thanks to Mark for letting me listen . I'm guessing the total price of the the system is well into the 60 to 70 K  area. I have listened to many of these over the years and they have been great in terms of accuracy and shall we use the dreaded word transparency but they can be bereft of soul . This has a soul and a  big one . It is  eager to please its master . This is a forever system . If you are in a fortunate position to be able to buy it then make sure that all projects , diy , maintenance  in fact anything on your bucket list is completed . Once you sit down and listen to this you will find it very hard to get your derrière's off the couch and do something else . 

Duvet .

" First pressings son "
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Paul maverick
great review Danny

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Mark Manwaring-White Malvern Audio Research
Hi Danny, I am honoured by the review! Thanks you. 😊
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thanks for that write up , going to digest that later  

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